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Customs Clearance Procedures

Clearance of Postal Parcel

All of the postal parcels excluding letters and postcards, to be imported, exported or reimported, must go through Customs for examination. Customs is stationed at the post office to enforce customs formalities.

  1. Declarant
  2. Examination of Postal Parcels
  3. Release of Postal Parcels

1 - Declarant

Postal items may be declared by the owner or authorized representative who is responsible for the accuracy of the particulars declared.

The postal item should be declared by using  special form called Declaration En Doune or CN.23 in short.

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2 - Examination of Postal Parcels

All incoming postal items must be checked on arrival by Customs together with Postal Authority to determine whether they are subject to import duty and/or taxes. A checklist is then issued by Customs and Postal Authority to cover postal bags that are sent to the designated post office for release or clearance.

Upon arrival of the bags, the Postal Authority informs Customs and stores them at places approved by Customs in the post office.

Re-examination of postal parcels is done only for dutiable post items on a selective or random basis which is deemed necessary to ensure compliance with laws and regulations enforced by Customs.

In the absence of declarants, unpacking and repacking for and after examination are carried out by Postal Authorities.

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3 - Release of Postal Parcels

Post Office will deliver or release the postal parcels to the addresses or declarant when duties and taxes have been paid.

In case of a gift parcel  having the maximum value of US$ 50,00, the gift can be delivered to the addressee without any payment of duty.

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